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I've run into the following case a few times and I was wondering if there is a fast way to handle it in Vim.

I'll have a source file like the following:

#ifndef _FOO_H_
#define _FOO_H_

class Foo {
    Foo(int foo);

And I would like to convert it to the following:

#ifndef _BAR_H_
#define _BAR_H_

class Bar {
    Bar(int bar);

So, I want all foo -> bar, but to keep the capitalization of the original. Right now, I've been doing this with 3 or 4 different regexes, but it seems there should be a better way. Any ideas?

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This script will do a case-preserving search/replace.

Copy the script to the plugin directory (~/.vim/plugin), then do

:set ic
:%s/foo/\=KeepCaseSameLen(submatch(0), 'bar')/g
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You should update your version of keepcase. I've added a :SubstituteCase command to it that simplifies substitutions a lot. :) –  Luc Hermitte Jan 13 '09 at 23:46

Tim Pope's Vim Abolish plugin can do this and a whole ton more. :%Subvert/string/new string/g will preserve case, capitalization, etc., and the plugin also supports word variants using a {var1,var2} syntax. Very useful.

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Use emacs? (/runs)

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:) not running fast enough. –  Arkadiy Jan 13 '09 at 21:16

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