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I have a custom tag that extends Spring's InputTag to display numbers in the format ",###.0". I've registered a custom PropertyEditor for the Double class to handle the formatting.

When a form is submitted and validation fails, all invalid values should be re-displayed as-is, without any formatting, so that the user can see the mistake he made. How do I inform the custom tag of the validation result so that it does not do any formatting?

I'm using Spring MVC 3.


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Override the getPropertyEditor() method of AbstractDataBoundFormElementTag, and return null instead of PropertyEditor instance (so the ValueFormatter will not pass the object value to PropertyEditor for formatting purpose).

public class CustomInputTag extends InputTag {
protected PropertyEditor getPropertyEditor() throws JspException {
    if(getBindStatus().getErrors().hasErrors()) {
        return null;
    return super.getPropertyEditor();
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