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What i would like to do its easy :

I have a menu that is loaded regardings the values of some variables. Let me show us the code :

<s:div cssClass="menu_table" id="loginContent">
        <c:when test="${not action.loggedOn}">
            <s:form action="checkLogin" theme="simple">
                <span id="err" class="menu_err">
                    <s:property value="error" />
                <s:textfield name="nickname" />
                <s:password name="password" />
                <span class="menu_span">
                    <sj:submit targets="loginContent" value="Login" />
        <c:when test="${action.loggedOn}">
            <s:form action="checkLogout" theme="simple">
                <s:label cssClass="menu_title" value="Ciao #{nickname}" />
                <span class="menu_span">
                    <sj:submit targets="loginContent" value="Logout" />

The behaviour is very easy : if the action.loggedOn is true, i load a part of code, else another one.

Now, when i load each or the other, i can do an AJAX call (by using JQuery support) to the server, that change the value of the error variable (is a string) and the value of the loggedOn (which is boolean).

What i'd like to know (by using this frameworks) is if its possible execute directly this part of code on the server and reload this on client? (In less words i mean : is it possible to execute the jsp page server side (as for a standard request, but this time with ajax) and render only a small part of code to the client)

Or (as i think) i need to create the client-side function and repaint my divs (with JSON variables, for example, or others Jquery functions) due to the string-result after the ajax call?

Using JSF and other frameworks the first option is possible. Can i also do this with Struts? Hope my question is clear :)

Just curios.


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I think the cleanest way would be to create a new method in the controller which just returns a jsp only of the part of the menu (as the one you show in the question). You can make the ajax call and then load in the container of your menu the new jsp:

    url: 'yourUrl',  
    success: function(html){ 
        $('#menuContainer').html(html); }, 
    error: function() { 
        alert('There was an error!'); } 

JSP is always executed in the server while JavaScript is executed in the client. But you can create several methods in the controller which can render only parts of the whole page and use them to update only one part.

Edit: How to send json or html inthe same controller method

<action name="HelloWorld" class="vaannila.HelloWorld">
    <result name="sendJson" type="json"/>
    <result name="sendHTML">/url/yourjsp.jsp</result>

and in your action something like this

public String execute(){
        return "sendJson";
        return "sendHTML";
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That is something repainting what he has already suggested in his post –  Umesh Awasthi Dec 10 '10 at 9:24
@umesh awasthi sure, and I think is the best way to do it :) –  Javi Dec 10 '10 at 9:29
agree that what the most accepted way and proficient one –  Umesh Awasthi Dec 10 '10 at 11:25
As i thought. So i need to return to the client the whole html for that page. Can you give to me an example about "return HTML code" to the client? Because for what i know i can just return JSON as result-type. Dunno if i can send a whole jsp page/code and include it to the client :) –  markzzz Dec 10 '10 at 15:41
@markzzz For returning the html code you will only have to creat a JSP with the code and set a <result>/url/myjsp.jsp</result> tag. It is the same as with json. if you set the type="json" in the result type you sent a json response, in case you don't specify anything it will take the default which is sending the html code from the jsp. Her you have a complete example: vaannila.com/struts-2/struts-2-example/… –  Javi Dec 10 '10 at 16:39
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As per my knowledge what you asking is not possible you have to go for repaint option what you have suggested in your post

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