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I've got an unordered list with between 1 and 3 list items in it. The unordered list is (unfortunately) inside of a fixed-height div with overflow: hidden.

<div id="container">
  <ul id="tweets">
      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur 
      adipiscing elit. Etiam est nisi, congue 
      id pulvinar eget.
      Donec nisi dolor, molestie quis varius 
      a, dictum vel nunc. Morbi odio lorem, 
      viverra eu semper eu.
      Mollis ac lorem. Aenean consequat 
      interdum mi, nec vestibulum metus mollis 
      non. Curabitur sed.

If there are 3 tweets, the line-height needs to be no more than 1em to completely fit in the container. If there are less than three tweets, the line-height can be up to 1.5em to fit with the rest of the site's design.

I'm trying to do some jQuery magic to update the line-height dynamically.

var tweet_len = $("#tweets > li").size();
if (tweet_len == 0) {
    // append a msg telling user there's no tweets
    // (this message looks like a tweet and has line-height: 1.5em)
} else if (tweet_len > 0 && tweet_len < 3) {
    $("#tweets li").each(function(){
        $(this).css("line-height: 1.5em");

I tried using the code above (lines 6-8) but it's not working. (I don't think I fully have an understanding of how to use .each().)

What code should I use on lines 6-8 to update the line-height to 1.5em?

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you have to pass 2 params to the css method:

$(this).css("line-height", "1.5em");
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You were the first to comment by a fraction of a second. Congrats! –  Jazzerus Dec 9 '10 at 23:06

From jquery API:

css( propertyName, value )

so this should work

$(this).css("line-height", "1.5em");

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All other answers are of course valid, but note that you can also simply use the following code to set the CSS, without iterating manually:

$("#tweets li").css("line-height", "1.5em");
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This is what I was trying to do at first, but I was trying to use one param instead two (not realizing that was the problem). –  Jazzerus Dec 9 '10 at 23:07

No need to do in js what you can do with css (by far more efficiently)


#tweets {line-height: 1.5}
#tweets.long-list {line-height: 1}

Note that the line-height is applied to the UL (not the LIs) because it is inherited. Make sure to remove any rule explicitly setting the line-height on LIs. If you can't, you may have to target the LI's above:

#tweets li {line-height: 1.5}
#tweets.long-list li {line-height: 1}

Now, the thin js part:

var $tweets = $("#tweets"),  // save for reuse
    tweet_len = $tweets.children().size();

if (!tweet_len) {
    // append a msg telling user there's no tweets
} else if (tweet_len > 3) {
    // only case where you actually need to change things
    // we do that without traversing the dom and touching it only once

if this was "live" code (e.g. if polling with setInterval() or inside live() or delegate() callbacks) and the number of rows can diminish, you'll have to explicitly remove the added class:

if (tweet_len > 3) {
} else {
    if (!tweet_len) {
        // append a msg telling user there's no tweets
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