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I am adding search alert pro grammatically and when alert is added then system send notification email which tells user to your search alert added successfully , now i want to change the content of this notification email or disabled to send this email.

Email Content:

'System Account' has subscribed you for alert 'My News Alert' on '' .

You will receive alerts in e-mail. The timing and criteria for the alerts depend on the settings entered when the alert was added.

I have tried looking at alerttemplates.xml but that ONLY modify the email alerts, NOT the alert confirmation email.

Btw, I am using SharePoint 2007.

How can I do this?


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you should accept the answer or provide some feedback if it doesn't help. – Greg Sansom Dec 20 '10 at 0:02

you can use newAlert.Update(false); for more details refer link below

SharePoint Alert customization

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This has just helped me a LOT this bit of info! I didn't even know this overload exists and would never have thought to look there. Thanks a LOT. – JᴀʏMᴇᴇ Nov 22 '12 at 13:32

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