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I want to figure out how visitors are getting to my /error404 page. I want to see what URL they attempted to visit (e.g., http://mydomain.com/iloveyou) before they received the 404, so I can see what content my users think I have.

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You can get by without touching your source files--as long as your error pages/templates are tagged, that's all you need, configuration-wise.

As an aside, our error page template all look about the same so to clearly allow a person viewing the GA data to distinguish the various error pages, we annotate them by passing in a descriptive string to _trackPageview(), e.g.,


Needless to say, this annotation is just for GA, it isn't shown to the user.

So w/r/t viewing the information you are after--i.e., page paths in which one of your error pages is the terminus--you can use either the GA data browser or either of the two GA APIs.

Using the GA Data Export API

I would code my Request this way:

# or if your API client does not require URL encoding, then: 

If you haven't used the GA Data Export API, the Data Feed page shows a complete API Request that you can use as a template.

In addition, Google's Data Feed Query Explorer is a decent sandbox to interactively test the queries that comprise your Requests.

Using the GA data browser

From the main Dashboard, on the left-hand side panel, click Content, then click Overview underneath it. To the right, in the main window, you will see a heading under the Pageviews chart, called Navigation Analysis, this has two linked options under it, Navigation Summary and Entrance Paths. clicking the latter will reveal the view shown below. In the textbox, just enter the name of your error page to get the entrance path for that error page.

Finally, relying on your server access log for this information is less reliable for all of the usual reasons (caching, etc.), in addition, given your question is specific to GA, i assume you already use GA, so modifying your config file, and parsing the activity log, if you are not already doing so, is a lot of trouble, compared to getting a more accurate count of the same data through a channel (GA) you have already set up.

alt text

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When I did this, my 'started here' column is blank. I have 'Analyze "ENTRANCE PATHS" Content "MY 404 PATH"'... –  SRUCLA Dec 13 '10 at 21:51

You don't need google analytics for this - just expand the logging of your webserver to log referer data for this specific page. With this information you can see where the majority of people are coming from.

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