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I have a large string of HTML that I have parsed with a bunch of already formed links in it. I am looking for a quick way to get rid of all of the links to display just the text. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

Sample html string looks like this:

<A href="">myText</A>, <A href="">myText</A>, <A href="">myText</A>, <A href="">myText</A>, <A href="">myText</A>

I want the HTML to look like this when it's done:

myText, myText, myText, myText, myText

I'm using C# on an ASP.NET page and have the HTML stored as a STRING,


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Here is a simple solution for stripping HTML tags from a string using Regular expressions.

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You could turn it into an XML document and extract all the Text nodes.

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You want to use an HTML parser to do this.

See this post for some options

Looking for C# HTML parser

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