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I'm programming an app that will be a basic video game, but the keyUp:(NSEvent ) and keyDown:(NSEvent) methods are failing to execute.

This is my code:

-(void)keyUp:(NSEvent*)event {
    NSLog(@"Key %@", event);

-(void)keyDown:(NSEvent*)event {   
    switch( [event keyCode] ) {
        case 126:
        case 125:
        case 124: 
        case 123:       
   NSLog(@"Arrow key pressed!");
   NSLog(@"Key %@", event);

I made sure it was in a subclass of NSResponder (although it is in NSOpenGLView, could that be affecting it?) and other then that I don't see any problem. Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks :)

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Did you implement the NSResponder method acceptsFirstResponder to return YES?

- (BOOL)acceptsFirstResponder {
    return YES;
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