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I want to make a gtk SpinButton, but for inputting dates.

  1. Is there an easier way to input dates into GTK?
  2. If not, how can I create a SpinButton look-alike, but whose output is text representing dates instead of integers? Ideally I'd re-use the arrows, the clicks, the integration with the adjustment, etc. I really just need the output to look different, as I can even represent dates as integers.
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3 Answers

The calendar is a bit large, but you can find code putting it in a popup. Personally I use a regular text entry and parse the date.

As for SpinButton, it is based on a text entry, so you might be able to modify its display only by fiddling with inherited signals and returning False. See also the update-policy and numeric properties.

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This is exactly my answer, especially the first paragraph. Use a GtkCalendar, unless it feels inconvenient, in which case just parse text dates. SpinButtons are usually unpleasant to use anyway. –  JasonFruit Dec 15 '10 at 13:14
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Perhaps you could use GtkCalendar?

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