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I'm trying to design a report where images are retrieved and displayed on the page. Essentially, like a picture catalog, where I have a header, some detail lines, and a number of pictures, depending on what is stored in the database.

Perhaps the best way is by a quick example

Christmas Pictures (master row)

Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture N
label 1     label 2     label 3     label N

so from the above, each picture is a separate data row, with an image and its corresponding row.

Does anyone have experience or tips on how to accomplish this?

I presently use SSRS 2008 R2, but am open to an alternative reporting tool if it can do the job.

thanks in advance.

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How are the pictures stored? Are they stored in your database?

Like this? (if not, please explain more)

If they are in a table (myImages), where you have an imageID, imageData, imageDescription, all you have to do is make a dataset that gathers those images and put them in a table...? Group by the imageID. Make two rows, one for the image, one for the heading/caption/whatever, both in the imageID group (which doesn't have to show or be a column, just the field that you're grouping by).

If you need it to go across by 4 pictures each row or something, this link is really good for setting up horizontal tables:

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