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I'm trying pull out a list of AllUsers from a Google Apps Domain. So far I've come to this A provisioning API that does do what I need but returns a UserFeed object? Some sort of Atom field?

Im not sure where to go from there.

Any advice on that?

UPDATE: So heres what I've come up with:

import gdata.apps.service
import gdata.alt.appengine

service = gdata.apps.service.AppsService(email="", domain="", password="mydoghasfleas")
        gdata.alt.appengine.run_on_appengine(service) # i dont even think you need this

        users = service.RetrievePageOfUsers()

        for u in users.entry:


Also this is nifty for looking through these objects the Provisioning API makes I ran in to a problem. I was thinking since the atom response looked like this:

-- xml-- ns1:login xmlns:ns1="" admin="false" agreedToTerms="true" changePasswordAtNextLogin="false" ipWhitelisted="false" suspended="false" userName="yosef" --xml--

I figured users.entry.userName <----note the camel case, it matches the xml response but it was user_name instead

anyway i used this to introspect the what the ProvisioningAPI created

def dump(obj): #pass the object into and it will show you all sorts of wonders 
  for attr in dir(obj):
    print "obj.%s = %s" % (attr, getattr(obj, attr))
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Try this:

import gdata.apps
import gdata.apps.service
import gdata.alt.appengine

service = gs.AppsService(email="[[ account email with admin privs ]]",domain="[[ google apps domain ]]",password="[[ account password ]]")


users = service.RetrieveAllUsers()

for item in users.entry:
    print '----Username '+item.login.user_name' for user '' '

This should print:

----Username john.doe for user John Doe
----Username jane.doe for user Jane Doe
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