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Screenshots below are from the Solution Explorer Pane:

I have a class in Folder DataAccess that needs to access a resource in Folder data. I get the following error message.

System.IO.IOException: Cannot locate resource 'data/danio_rerio.xml'.

Does not Work If:

Does not Work

It works if:

It works

Folder data is a child folder within Folder DataAccess. Is it possible for me to use the following syntax:


to access resources within the project that are in seperate folders?

Edit: I do not want to hard code locations to my directories.

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What is the "Deployment" setting for these files. Generally resources are bundled into your assembly at compile-time, and then accessed through a ResourceStream rather than a FileStream. – Ben Voigt Jan 1 '11 at 16:54

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When you run your application, the running directory becomes your "active directory"

Suppose you have


When you run the application you try to search


what you actually want could be close to


so you'll want to search the following directory


The .. operator tells that you want to go back in the directory hierarchy

However this is assuming your binary will be in a lower branch than your ressource. What I actually do is copy everything I absolutely need for runtime inside a special directory such as


This way I can issue a post build event like this (In Project/Properties/Build-Events/Post-Build)

copy /Y "$(ProjectDir)RuntimeRequired*" "$(OutDir)"

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I found the answer myself. Should have searched more before offering a bounty -_-

Pack URIs in WPF [Source]

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