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I have this particular line of code

var o = JSON.parse(localStorage['options']);

localStorage['options'] is a long array object like this {"ads":true,"chat":true,"footer":true,"invite":true,"web":true,"contact":true,"window":true,"icon":t rue,"row":true,"message":true}

If write this line in option.html, nothing wrong will happen. But when I write it in background.html, I get the error "unexpected illegal token".

how can I stop this?

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I suspect that you set the value on the browser site, not on the background site.

Both pages have a different window object and therefore a different localStorage so what happens is that you background page tries to read a value that wasn't set.


> localStorage['foo']
> JSON.parse(undefined)
SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

To fix it, you need to set the localStorage data in the background page.

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