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class File {
   String name
   File parent;    
   static belongsTo =[parent:File ]   
   static hasMany = [childrens:File];   
   static mapping = {   
      table 'Info_File'
      id(generator:'sequence', params: [sequence: 'seq_file'])
      children joinTable:[name:'children', key:'parent_Id', column:'Id',lazy:"true",inverse:"false",cascade:"none"]   
    static constraints = {   

now i want to get all the file which parent id = 1 how can i do it?

i try to use

def fileList = File.findAllByParent(File.get(1L))

but it will send 2 sql, the 1st is to get the parent file info which i dont want it.

is there any method such as File.findAllByParentId(1L)



parent{eq('key', 1)} 
//sql:from Info_File this_ left outer join Info_File parent_ali1_ 
//on where (

but i dont need to join table. so i try

//it's what i need:
//from Info_File this_ where this_.parent_id=?
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I do not think that you can do it through the dynamic finders, but you should be able to use Hibernate to do a createCriteria

        eq('key', 1)

Perhaps this may help:

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thanks. > parent{eq('key', 1)} sql: from Info_File this_ left outer join Info_File parent_ali1_ on where ( but i dont need to join table. so i try eq('',1L), it's what i need: from Info_File this_ where this_.parent_id=? – atian25 Dec 10 '10 at 5:24

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