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Please excuse me if this is a dupe.

After being a software developer for 7+ years, I think it is time for me to take my programming to the next level. I am thinking in terms of designer or an architecture.

Is there a certification/Course available for designer/architecture? I do agree that a certification/course will not make me a good designer/architecture, but it will go on my resume. IMO It will also provide me a platform for me to dig deeper.

Please advise me a Certification or a Course for software designer/architecture

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Part of the question, you already answered that Certification is not the only criteria to become a better architecture or designer. You must have real architectural experience by designing some real world application.

I think, you can start by

1- Designing a component from ground 0 this may be in your current project, a module, a small application.

2- Thinking in terms of more efficient Algorithms, design procedure, patterns

3- Be in touch with latest technology, platform etc.

4- Learning more deployment patterns.

5- Learning more about data storage and retrival systems.

6- Start participating in forums, Q&A sites like SO

7- Start writing small technical papers.

there are more points beyond the ones mentioned above but these points are surely a starting point for the long way journey to be an architect.

Plus, work under a senior architect / architect as a Techinal Lead or Junior Architect will also act as a boost.

And in the last, there are certain certifications by the industory leaders like Microsoft, IBM, and others. One of the certification which i know is

MCA (Micorsoft Certiifed Architect)

But this certification has some predefined criterias like (Min 10 Yrs work ex etc..)

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Before thinking about certificate, learn Design well,

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+1 for "Uncle Bob Martin principles" – Summer-Time Dec 17 '10 at 9:41
+1 for "Uncle Bob Martin principles" link – Amol M Kulkarni Nov 6 '13 at 8:55

The "International Software Architecture Qualification Board" ( provides a vendor- and technology-neutral curriculum on their website.

It explains the required knowledge and abilities of software architects.

Several levels of certification are available.

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Apart from what has already been mentioned (Microsoft Certified Architect) - There's another that is offered by Sun (oracle..). It's known as "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect" and has now been rebranded as "Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect"

But nothing comes close to designing real world solutions. These certifications help in exploring the options and patterns, and are very valuable - but the real test comes in how this knowledge is applied in real world.

Hope it helps. All the best!

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For a vendor neutral and technology agnostic software architecture certification track, take a look at SEI training and certificates.

For vendor neutral but SOA-specific software architecture certification, take a look at SOASchool.

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