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I am stuck in a problem working on my project in CakePHP.

This is my code:

function publish_link()
        Configure::write('debug', 0);
            $items = $_POST['image_id'];
            $this->set('selected_list', $items);
            $this->layout = 'ajax';

function publish($items = null) {

        $this->layout = 'box';

                    //some code

Here the publish_link action is called using Ajax and it renders to a different view file publish.ctp.

It renders it and I could get set value selected_list correctly, but after this ctp is rendered, its controller action publish() gets called and blanks out the variable selected_list that was set from publish_link().

I cannot understand how to deal with this.

Please help me out.


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I believe, you are trying to pass variable from one action to another action. Which is not really the way cakephp works.

To share variable among actions, you should encapsulate them in beforeFilter() function like

function beforeFilter() {
    if(!empty($_POST['image_id'])) {
        $items = $_POST['image_id'];
        $this->set('selected_list', $items);
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