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I am using a calenderExtender control to get a date from user. The text box can be edit manually by the user. I am using a RegularExpressionValidator to validate Input date. The input format i need is

MMM dd, yyyy

Now i am using a regular expression shown below to validate date


It works fine. But it do not check the input date is less than 28,30 or 31 based on month . example :the month December have 31 days. If the user entered greater than 31 ,the expression must caught that. Any ideas to achieve this using regular exptression??

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The validation that you want to do (excluding invalid date ranges based on month) is really unsuited for a regular expression. You should parse the month, date, and year, and then do your validation based on the parsed values. Trying to do it via a regex will be painful and difficult to maintain.

Alternately, have you considered just using DateTime.Parse?

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DateTime.TryParseExact may be better suited here. –  Josh Dec 10 '10 at 5:46

If you think that's bad, just wait till you try supporting leap years. Yep, as is usually the case with "how do I do (insert difficult task) with regex?" questions, the best approach is to just avoid regular expressions entirely. Can you use a RangeValidator instead? Otherwise, as JSBangs noted, you could use a custom validator with DateTime's parsing methods.

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