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I have existing chat server code written in C/C++ that communicates over TCP/IP with client installed GUI. I'd like to also allow "web" access to this functionality, where users can simply go to my website, have it display a nice basic HTML5 driven GUI, and have them interact with my chat server code and other users.

So: backend written in C, frontend HTML5 website that updates to clients immediately via Ajax Push. Is there some kind of C library I can use to achieve this? I would also accept a solution using technology that isn't Ajax Push as long as it functions how I describe. Note that I want to extend to be more data/traffic than simple chat, so I want this as close to realtime as possible.

I understand that APE (server) allows you to do stuff like this, but you have to write your backend in javascript? Is there a way to easily 'glue' it to a C/C++ server via pipes or something?

I'm working in Linux..

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I may have misunderstood your question, but this sounds like what you're looking for:

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