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I am using this javascript to empty an input/textarea when focussed.

   $(document).ready(function() {
    $('input[type="text"],textarea').focus(function() {
        if (this.value == this.defaultValue){
            this.value = '';
        if(this.value != this.defaultValue){
    $('input[type="text"],textarea').blur(function() {
        if ($.trim(this.value) == ''){
            this.value = (this.defaultValue ? this.defaultValue : '');

I am looking for a way to exclude those input fields, which are set readonly via readonly="readonly". I know I should be using .not (I guess), but I can not figure out how.

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If you want all input elements that are writable (not readonly), you can use the following selector:


The parameter after :not is the selector to match. [readonly] will match anything where readonly is set. Note that the following will not always work:


As you could have both of these:

<input readonly type="text">
<input readonly="readonly" type="text">

You can also use the ":input" psuedo-selector instead of "input,textarea". See the documentation here.

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