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What are the design patterns to design privacy system like facebook's.

User decides which information to share based his friend groups. All user information (email, phone) is stored in the data table which just key = value table.

Current Tables:

  • User - (id)
  • UserData - (id, user_id, datatype, value)
  • Friendship - (user_id, friend_id, friendgroup_id)
  • FriendGroup - (user_id, name)


  • X group can see phone_1
  • Y group can see phone_2
  • All groups can see phone_3

This schema can be changed.

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programmers.stackexchange.com would be a much better forum for this question. I would suggest moving it there as they tend to deal with design questions like this. –  DMCS Feb 12 '12 at 21:09
This question doesnt have any answer as no FB employee will actually say how they do it. We can just guess how they do it. –  whihathac Feb 17 '12 at 20:54

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You will have to make permissions table for FriendGroup. In that you have to gather permission given to each FriendGroup while making group or user can change that permission.

Prmissions(permission_id, friend_group, parameter, visible)


  • X group can see phone_1
  • Y group can see phone_2
  • All groups can see phone_3

You can more see about ACL following links:





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I have created a gem called Privacy setting that can help to integrate simple privacy setting to Rails application. Check it out: https://github.com/xuanchien/privacy_setting

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You want a role-based rights management system. Take a look at the CanCan or DeclarativeAuthorization gems.

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you can add a column name permission with all fields like

phone_number and phone_number_permission, photo and photo_permission and use value 0,1,2,3 in permission column

permission rights
0. Not show to anyone
1. Show to friends
2. Show friends of friends
3. Show to groups and who are your friends

you have to manage this permission on view data on profile page.

if user == friend and permission == 1 show data

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