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i have a screen that contains one label field which contains lots of data

i have placed that label filed inside the vertical field manager but still i cannot scroll.

what could be the possible reason

i searched and tried many ways but no success.

some told me to place null fileds or use many labels etc but what to do???

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hey once i faced the same problem

why don't you try using Edit field. It will scroll automatically


String str="lots of data..............................";
EditField edit = new EditField();

Make it FOCUSABLE and READONLY and add it to a VerticalFieldManager with VERTICAL_SCROLL (and potentially VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR). TextField and its descendants can have the focus inside the field (the cursor). That is how you let the user scroll it.

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i feel u r correct but isn't there any option to go ahead with label field –  user537374 Dec 10 '10 at 8:41

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