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Where to unpack programs in Linux e.g. Tomcat binary?

Is there a common location as in Windows, i.e. Program Files... which won't be overwritten during Linux upgrade.

Is it a good approach to unpack it in, let's say: /home/user/PRG location. Thanx!

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There are several places to put third party software, it's really up to you, but preferably:


as the name implies 'optional packages' - so tomcat could go in /opt/tomcat

Or for single file applications such as scripts etc., go for

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This seems most logical location for me. Thanx –  GileB Dec 10 '10 at 8:32

For things like tomcat, you might want to put it under /usr/local may be or /usr/share directory. thats where things generally gets installed.

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Yes /usr/local is the folder for installing tomcat. Detailed steps are available at http://justin-hayes.com/2009-04-08/installing-apache-tomcat-6-and-solr-nightly-on-ubuntu-804

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