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i hope you guys can help with this :)

I need to do stuff after my page is rendered in the browser. In detail, i need to send email/sms and other non-browser related stuff, but the operation takes time, and i dont want my visitors waiting 5-8s for the success message.

I have tried putting the "After Rendering Code" in the page Unload event. That seems to work - but only on localhost. It does not work on our production server.

So i figgured, maybe this is some IIS setting? I've also read that it's up to the browser, if it will show th epage after rendering is complete - or wait for the whole package to end.

So i tried to end the package with Response.end before my "A-R-C", but that just killed it.

Do you guys have any explanations or theorys on how to this?

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ThreadPool threads may help you implementing this functionality.

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What are the disadvatanges/advantages for using ThreadPool over MSMQ? – Anders Dec 10 '10 at 9:16
Tried it and it worked within 2 minutes! Thanks alot! :D – Anders Dec 10 '10 at 9:23
You're welcome! I've never heard of MSMQ before, so I can't tell you anything about disadvatanges/advantages. Someone else might help you much better with this. – Matthias Meid Dec 10 '10 at 9:35
I've added to my answer - in most cases Threadpool will work for simple solutions unless you need an industrial solution. – StuartLC Dec 13 '10 at 7:10

You can create a new Thread and call your method on that Thread.

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You might look at asynchronously decoupling the Email / SMSing from the page entirely, e.g. by using a MSMQ Queue. This way you will also be able to handle the Emails / SMS in a more robust manner, e.g. retry in 10 mins if the SMTP server is down or the SMS gateway is busy.

Edit : Re : MSMQ vs Thread / Threadpool - Using a new worker thread should also work fine in most cases, however, for high end scalability you might consider MSMQ or similar.

Have a look at this SO post here

Threadpool (or Thread) - Quicker and easier to implement - Unsent SMS's / messages will be lost if the App Pool is recycled - Will compete for threads (recommend using a custom Threadpool)

MSMQ - More work needed - will need to create a new listener process (e.g. use WCF) to process messages - May be difficult to host unless you have control over the server - Can be transactional and persistent - i.e. unsent messages won't be lost even if your App Pool is recycled or server reboots. - Can exercise more control over throughput -throttling and delayed delivery - e.g. send SMS's after hours when it is cheaper

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Ah, thanks for the additional information nonnb. I believe Threadpool is the the path to go for me, but your answer might be helpful to others :) – Anders Dec 13 '10 at 9:21

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