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I defined 3 custom usercontrols like that :

public partial abstract class MyAbstractControl : Usercontrol{
  // Base class definition here, with common property and methods
  public string CommonAttribute {get; set;}

public partial class MyConcreteControl1 : MyAbstractControl{
  // Some specific stuff here

public partial class MyConcreteControl2 : MyAbstractControl{
  // Other specific but different stuff here

Then I defined another UserControl that have a property of the base class :

public partial class MyBeautifulControl : UserControl{
  public MyAbstractControl ChildElement{get;set;}

In the aspx file, I'm using this control, but I'd like to define an instance of MyConcreteControl1 instead of MyAbstractControl

But If I write :

<MyBeautifulControl runat="server" id="beautiful">
  <ChildElement commonAttribute="value" />

The ChildElement can only be defined as a MyAbstractControl instance. I'd like to create a MyConcreteControl1 or an MyConcreteControl2 instance, depending on the context, and I don't know how.

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Use the System.Web.UI.TemplateContainerAttribute:

public MyAbstractControl ChildElement{get;set;}

see the documentation for details. There is also a HOWTO about.

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If I do what you propose, I need to know in advance that I'll instantiate a MyConcreteControl1 in the ChildElement property, right ? – ghusse Dec 10 '10 at 10:35
I don't need a way to display same model with different templates, but I need to instantiate different objects with different properties. – ghusse Dec 20 '10 at 13:14

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