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Hi I'm new with the Objective-C and i try to do some try. I have an NSArray called "values". It is an array of array. It seems like :

["0" = > "aString",6872,5523,0091]

["1" = > "anotherString",4422,1234,0091]

["2" = > "aString",6812,2143,0314] ...

How do I sort the "values" array than the first integer value? I should use the NSPredicate ? please help me with some example. thanks

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Something like that with block (assuming that your integer value are NSNumber or some class that can be compared):

NSArray *sortArray = [yourArray sortedArrayUsingComparator: ^(id elt1, id elt2) {
    return [[elt1 objectAtIndex:1] compare:[elt2 objectAtIndex:1]];
    } ];
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Thanks for the solution. I had found another one using this method static NSInteger intSort(id num1, id num2, void *context) { int v1 = [[num1 objectAtIndex:1]intValue]; int v2 = [[num2 objectAtIndex:1]intValue]; if (v1 < v2) return NSOrderedDescending; else if (v1 > v2) return NSOrderedAscending; else return NSOrderedSame; } and this declaration : [values sortedArrayUsingFunction:intSort context:NULL] where values are the NSArray with the object to sort. – Cerve86 Dec 20 '10 at 8:59

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