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I have some WCF services running over HTTP and a C++ client using gSOAP to consume them. This works, but we are considering running the service host in the same process as the client, to create a fully local stack.

What is the best way to allow the C++ client to consume these services? Do we still need to use HTTP binding? Or will something like named pipes or NullTransport work? Preferably something that will work with gSOAP or something that we can replace gSOAP with.

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if both are in the same process then have them "talk" to each other via direct means. i.e. accessing objects directly. otherwise going over a comms layer is extremely expensive. the same can be said for accessing files on your hard drive via a network share when really going file say c:\foo\something.txt is more productive.

c++ allows you to construct CLR types that are both native code but also CLR-aware. using this technique allows your c++.NET type so to speak from .NET proper. your .NET types will have no idea that they are invoking c++ or vice versa.

have a look in your c++ compiler settings for CLR

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