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I have inherited a nant script from a previous colleague. It is used for among others building the application and distributing it to the sites in question (beta, live) called stage.

The property in question: <property name="ftpRoot" value="build\ftp\" />

I use the command build publishToBeta / Live pending which stage I'm at. I have <target name="publishToBeta" /> and <target name="publishToLive"> which takes the ftpRoot and makes a ftpFolder
<property name="ftpFolder" value="${ftpRoot}Beta\" /> and ofcourse a Live too.

Looks good sofar.

At this point ${ftpFolder} = build\ftp\Beta (for the beta stage)

Only problem is the website in question goes to ftp://application/{stage} to look for new version. From my(developer) end that is \\ftpServer\ftp\application\{stage}.

Somehow build\ftp\beta equals \\ftpServer\ftp\application\beta (and likewise with live)

I can not find the folder build\ftp\{stage} on my developer machine, and I can not find the script lines where it copies anything to the ftp server from my c:\...\build\ftp\{stage}.

Am I missing something? Can nant alias a virtual folder on my c:\ with a physical folder on the server? Does nant have automagical capabilities I have yet to discover?

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Argh, found it. A small bit referring to a new xml - containing a new <property name="ftpRoot" value="\\ftpServer\ftp\{application}\" />

Only took me a 2-3 days. Very well hidden.

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