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I am using windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 for browsing and Visual Studio 2008 as the SDK. Since the client's standard is Internet Explorer 6, I need to make sure the look and feel is consistent for older versions. Compatibility mode will not do, since I am trying to view a new page with an old browser, not the other way around.

What I really need is a way to use Internet Explorer 6 when I debug in Visual Studio. How to set this up?

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Uninstall IE8 -> Install IE6. Sorted. – Ash Burlaczenko Dec 10 '10 at 9:49
possible duplicate of Running IE6, IE7, and IE8 on the same machine – i_am_jorf Dec 10 '10 at 22:53

AFAIR Microsoft has a free Virtual PC image that contains Windows XP and IE6 just for testing web applications by developers.

Here it is.

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You could use IETester. In order to make Visual Studio 2008 to use Internet Explorer 6 as a default browser you have to perform these actions:

  1. Right click on aspx file
  2. Click on Browse With...
  3. Add
  4. Specify path to IETester.exe
  5. Add command line parameter -IE6 to path. For example: "C:\Program Files\Core Services\IETester\IETester.exe" -IE6
  6. Click OK
  7. Visual Studio says File name does not exist, is invalid, or contains parameters that cannot be validated. Do you want to change your entry?. Click No.
  8. Click Browse
  9. Your application is opened in IETester in Internet Explorer 6 mode.
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Why downvoted?? – Egor4eg Dec 20 '10 at 8:16

You can use XP Mode in Windows 7, or you can use a VirtualBox and install Windows XP with IE 6 in it. Or you can use Microsoft Virtual PC and download an image of Windows XP with IE6 from Microsoft

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If you don't want to mess around with virtual machines (although that's my recommendation), there are two more options:

  1. IETester
  2. MultipleIEs

I haven't tried using them directly with VS 2008, but you might have luck with them.

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I tried IETester and MultipleIEs, both crashed when I tried to view the page in IE6.

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This is not an answer, but a comment. You should use the comment feature for comments. – panzi May 3 '12 at 16:21

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