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I would like to style the active menu item, to do this i need to compare the current url agains a route. I know that I can do this in javascript, but I was wondering how other people have solved this in play.

Any suggestions?


<a #{routeIsActive Application.index()} class="active"#{/if} href="@{Application.index()}">My Page</a> 
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Unfortunately, I couldn't find an easy way to do this. The simplest solution I could find was to write a fast tag (but this may be due to my lack of Groovy experience).

I got this working with this code.

In your View

<a class="#{activeRoute href:@Application.index(), activeClass:'active' /}" href="@{Application.index()}">My Page</a>

Then, create a new FastTag for activeRoute

public class MyFastTag extends FastTags {

   public static void _activeRoute(Map<?, ?> args, Closure body, PrintWriter out, GroovyTemplate.ExecutableTemplate template, int fromLine) {
      Router.ActionDefinition actionDef = (Router.ActionDefinition) args.get("href");
      String activeStyle = (String) args.get("activeClass");
      String inactiveStyle  = (String) args.get("inactiveClass");

      if (Http.Request.current().action.equals(actionDef.action) && activeStyle != null) {
      else if (!Http.Request.current().action.equals(actionDef.action) && inactiveStyle != null) {

Make sure you add the relevant imports.

This allows you to specify an active and inactive class, which is a little more than you requested

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Why you use else if instead of an simple else? – niels Dec 10 '10 at 12:03
because, if inactiveStyle is null, it would print null as the style, and I don't want anything printed if activeStyle or inactiveStyle are null.......The first part of the if is the same, but the second evaluation is different for the two if statements – Codemwnci Dec 10 '10 at 12:09
<a #{if request.action=="Application.index"}class="active"#{/if} href="@{Application.index()}">My Page</a>

Easy. :D

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you can also check on controller base (useful for global navigation) like this: #{if request.controller=="ControllerClassName"}class="active"#{/if} – Bijan Jul 11 '12 at 9:43

This solution worked pretty well for me. It has the benefit to be very simple.


 boolean isMatch = request.path.startsWith(_href.toString());
<li class="sliding-element">
#{if isMatch}
<a href="${_href}">${_title}</a>


#{js 'navigationmenu.js'/}
#{css 'navigationmenu.css'/}

<div id="navigation-block">
    <ul id="sliding-navigation">
        #{navigationitem title:'Home', href:@HomeController.index() /}
        #{navigationitem title:'Search Contact', href:@SearchByContactController.index() /}
        #{navigationitem title:'Edit Contact', href:@EditContactInfoController.index() /}
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