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I have been reading alot about YQL and the Rate Limits however Im a little stuck on.

These are the figures I have found

Per application limit (identified by your Access Key): 100,000 calls per day.

Per IP limits: /v1/public/: 1,000 calls per hour; /v1/yql/: 10,000 calls per hour.

My question is how will yahoo track the application and its limit ?

Also if I want to use the YQL as my data source do I need to register my application or can I use curl to run the queries without any problems ?

Sorry if I have got it wrong but some help would be great

Sorry if its a noob question

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For registering your application see the "How to I get started" section here: http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/

Without an API key the "per IP limit" applies which, as the name says, is tracked by the IP from which the requests are coming.

Hope that helps.

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To up the limit, you have to use some library which implements OAuth, see Any .NET examples for Yahoo Query Language (YQL)?

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