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I'm using the jQuery Validation plugin and i've started to group some of my fields together:

groups: {
fullName: "myFirstName myLastName"

I've also added the fields to the rules section so that they are validated:

rules: {
myFirstName: {
required: true
myLastName: {
required: true

This works great and produces an error of "This field is required" for the group.

My question lies with custom error messages. I have the following setup:

messages: {
fullName: "Please enter both your first name and your last name"

Unfortunately the custom error doesn't show, only the generic one.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Richard L

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You have to use errorPlacement for this, and the message should be the same on both, for example:

messages: { 
  myFirstName: { required: "Please enter both your first name and your last name" },
  myLastName: { required: "Please enter both your first name and your last name" }

Then, assuming they have the same IDs here, your errorPlacement option would look like this:

errorPlacement: {
  var n = element.attr("name");
  if (n == "myFirstName" || n == "myLastName")

The group itself has no message, it's just telling the plugin that they share a message label.

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I forgot to mention that I already had my errorPlacement set up. It turns out that I just needed to set the error message to be the same for the both parts. Thanks for your help – Richard L Dec 10 '10 at 12:24

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