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My NetBeans dictionary is kind of... illiterate? It's flagging words like "website" and the "doesn" part of doesn't. I right-clicked expecting to see your standard Add to dictionary... option but found none. I browsed the menus and also found nothing.

How do I educate my NetBeans spellchecker?

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Ironically, the NetBeans spellchecker flags the word "NetBeans" as misspelled. –  RADA Aug 2 '12 at 21:05

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It looks like the spell checker is a relatively recent addition. There are basic instructions on how to change the dictionary here.

Adding an unknown word to the dictionary requires alt + enter while the cursor is on the 'misspelled' word. This might take care of the most glaring omissions.

If it highlights just 'doesn', then it probably isn't aware of English-style contractions (i.e., it doesn't know that words can span across an apostrophe). Until that is fixed, I would recommend just adding 'doesn' as a separate word using the above method.

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