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i am using the code` UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier bgTaskId; if([player play]) bgTaskId=[[UIApplication sharedApplication]; beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler:NULL];

so that when i exit my app or lock enables the music should continue playing.It works fine on simulator bot not on device. My ipod version is 4.0(8A293) and i think it supports multitasking so can anyone tel me what the problem is??? Or there is some problem in my device... `

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Like i have iphone that is 3G it not support multitasking and my ios version is 4.2.1 –  GhostRider Jan 6 '11 at 7:45

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Model 8A293 is an iPod 2g and does not support multi tasking in iOS4 unless you jailbreak and enable it.

http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Apex_8A293_(iPod_touch_2G) http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/multitasking-in-ipod-touch-2g-ios-4-confirmed-video/

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