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this is related to python, dynamically implement a class onthefly.

when i restarted my pc, couldnt get back to add comments to the post - below is an example to explain what meant by save the class_with_the_methods_used

class bank(object):
   def __init__(self, bal=0):
       self.bal = bal
   def deposit(self, amount):
       print self.bal

def debit(self, amt):
   print self.bal

bank.debit = debit

myacct = bank() 
myacct.deposit(1000) # prints 1000
myacct.debit(99) # print 901

dir(myacct) # print [ ....'bal', 'debit', 'deposit']

then i used pickle and saved the object myacct

after saving, restarted my python and tried the commands below

>>> import pickle
>>> obj = pickle.load(open('bank.pkl'))
>>> dir(obj) # prints [....'bal', 'deposit']

note that 'debit' is not among the attributes . So my problem is how to make methods like 'debit' persistent?

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Why are you trying to do this? What's wrong with defining the Bank class properly to begin with? – S.Lott Dec 10 '10 at 12:54
As for getting back to add comments to a previous post, I suggest you register with StackOverflow so you have an account with associated questions. – martineau Dec 10 '10 at 15:34

Check out the new module (http://docs.python.org/library/new.html)

It has a lot of tools for doing things dynamically. The problem you are having is debit is not a instance method, it is just a normal function. Methods defined in classes are different than functions defined outside.

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So using the new module will make it pickle? – martineau Dec 10 '10 at 16:57

This is due to the way pickle dumps custom classes.

>>> class Bank(object):
...     pass
>>> def debit(self, amt):
...     print amt
>>> Bank.debit = debit
>>> acct = Bank()
>>> acct.debit
<bound method Bank.debit of <__main__.Bank object at 0x023B57D0>>
>>> import pickle

Look at the following:

>>> print pickle.dumps(acct)

You'll see that in fact the entire instance isn't pickled; instead, pickle simply records that it is an instance of Bank and recreates it by re-instantiating Bank. You will have to define a custom pickle protocol if you want to do this properly, which is complicated.

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