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Is it possible to tell phpunit where to put generated test skeleton file by the --skeleton-test command? Even is it possible to tell phpunit to repeat directory structure? Lest say i have file for testing in lib/model/SomeClass.php and i want phpstorm to generate unit test class and put it in test/lib/model/SomeClassTest.php without creation of all neccessary directory structure.

Thanks in advance!

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Looks like nobody has an answer. – vooD Dec 13 '10 at 12:17
Can't you just specify full path to the file? Or write bash script to add it for you? – takeshin Dec 13 '10 at 21:27
See my answer below – Andrew Smith Jul 24 at 15:48

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Example reproduced for convenience

mkdir lib/model tests/lib/model
echo "<?php class SomeClass{}" > lib/model/SomeClass.php

Calling the code below should do the trick

phpunit --skeleton-test SomeClass library/model/SomeClass.php SomeClassTest tests/library/model/SomeClassTest.php

The arguments (only the first one being mandatory) are

$inSourceFile = '',
$outClassName = '',
$outSourceFile = ''

as described in the constructor of PHPUnit_Util_Skeleton_Class

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Yeah that is possible in netbeans IDE. if you configure PHPUnit(Xdebug required) with netbeans then it automatically creates file/folder structure for your framework

Netbeans link

Also it creates the skeleton for each class of Controller and module

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In the constructor change the $outSourceFile to the path you would like the file to save to.


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