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I've recently started playing with Silverlight 4, and in one of my projects I'm required to use drag & drop functionality.

I use the ListBoxDragDropTarget, which is not a problem. However I was wondering what are the default use of the modifier keys. I was able to understand that Ctrl means copy, but couldn't find the use of Alt, Shift, or when combining them (I saw that when I click Ctrl+Shift, the icon changes, but I don't understand what it does).

I searched a bit on the web, but didn't found any explanation of the default behaviors.

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I took a look at the source for the Silverlight Toolkit, and found that the supported modifier keys are Ctrl, Alt, and Shift, plus the combination of Ctrl and Shift.

  • Ctrl tries to do a copy.
  • Ctrl+Shift tries to do a Link (not quite sure what that means).
  • I'm not sure what Alt tries to do... Perhaps a move.

Overall, these are going to be suggestions, but may not be allowed based on what the droptarget's AllowedEffects are.

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Thanks Robaticus ! Move is the default behavior when you don't press any modifier key. As for the link, I made some tests, and don't see any difference with a "simple" move. Anyway, what I only need in my project is move and copy, and pressing ctrl to copy is a good option in my case. Thanks for your answer ! – Shimrod Dec 10 '10 at 15:00

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