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Using an ImageView, I can set a square height and width (say 100dip x 100dip). Then using android:scaleType="centerCrop" gives me an image which is cropped to square regardless of aspect ratio.

Can we do this with a VideoView?

I've tried just setting a square height and width, but it just re-sizes to fill the square as best as it can while maintaining the aspect ratio, which I guess is completely expected.

It doesn't seem to have any scale or crop properties / methods unlike ImageView, but this in the VideoView documentation makes me think I'm missing something:

[VideoView] ...provides various display options such as scaling and tinting.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Source implies that it isn't natively supported in the VideoView view. You could copy the source and make it work though. :) Most likely by adding an else at line 255, modifying onMeasure to prevent it from expanding to meet the size, etc.

Edit: Don't be surprised that the Reference documentation is slightly off or just plain wrong.

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Sweet, thanks, just a shame I ended this project a while ago now! :) – Andy Aug 6 '11 at 9:07
@Andy did you try to achieve the square video? – Naz141 Nov 19 at 9:57
@Naz141 not sure I did. Think I might have cropped the source video since it was for demo purposes. – Andy Nov 19 at 13:06
Do you have the code..? – Naz141 Nov 19 at 13:07

You achive video crop effect using TextureView which require Android API 14 and hardware acceleration. I described it in my article here.

You can also use my TextureVideoView - custom view based on android TextureView which gives you ability to easy play and crop video. This very similar to ImageView#setScaleType




TextureVideoView cropTextureView = (TextureVideoView) findViewById(;
// Use `setScaleType` method to crop video
// Use `setDataSource` method to set data source, this could be url, assets folder or path

Hope this will help someone!

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