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The parent page contains 3 partial views in it Index_Top, Index_Left and Index_main. On hitting a button in Index_Left a new window opens using window.open("MyController/ChildPage") function in javascript.

Now I should reload only the Index_Left on the parent page on the child page submit.

Can any one help me how can I do it?

I tried using like below. $.post("/MyController/ChildPage/", { }, function (result) { if (result.Message == "OK") { window.opener.location.reload(true); window.close(); } }, "json");

But, it is reloading the entire parent page. But, I want to reload only a Index_Left parital page.

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I don't know asp.net or jquery. But I do know that you can only reload part of a page using Ajax. Is $.post an Ajax function, or a fresh-page function? –  Colin Fine Dec 10 '10 at 15:37

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Inside the main page define a javascript function:

function reloadLeftPanel() {
    // Do an AJAX request and reload the left panel like for example:
    $('#leftPanel').load('<%= Url.Action("MyController", "ChildPage") %>');

And in the popup window call this function whenever you want to reload the left panel on the opener page:

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Thank you. It worked for me.. –  SKumar Dec 10 '10 at 16:27

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