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This is a pretty silly question but I'm having some real trouble figuring out. I want to convert the following routes to make it compliant for Rails 3 (from 2.8.x):

map.with_options :controller => 'static_pages', :action => 'show' do |static_page|
      static_page.faq 'faq', :id => 'faq'
      static_page.about 'about', :id => 'about' 'blog', :id => 'blog' 'support', :id => 'support'
      static_page.privacy 'privacy', :id => 'privacy'
      static_page.howitworks 'howitworks', :id => 'howitworks' 'contact', :id => 'contact'
      static_page.terms_and_conditions 'terms_and_conditions', :id => 'terms_and_conditions'

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I think I would do it like this:

  scope '/static_pages', :name_prefix => 'static_page', :to => 'static_pages#show' do
    for page in %w{ faq about blog support privacy howitworks contact terms_and_conditions }
      match page, :id => page
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This is awesome, I just wrote an article about this a couple weeks ago:

Routing in Ruby on Rails 3

It goes over most aspects of the conversion, with a downloadable sample app. While I didn't cover the with_options conversion specifically, I can do a little of that here. Here's a short way:

scope :static_pages, :name_prefix => "static_page" do
  match "/:action", :as => "action"

This matches all the routes you have above, and your named routes would look like this:


...and so on. If you want your named routes to still look like static_page_faq_path then you can specify them one at at time, like so:

scope '/static_pages', :name_prefix => 'static_page' do
  match '/faq', :to => 'static_pages#faq'
  match '/about', :to => 'static_pages#about'
  # fill in all the rest here

I hope this helps!

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