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Based on testing values of an existing panel/label inside an ItemTemplate (uses Column1), I want to add another panel/label inside the same ItemTemplate (displays Column2).

This is inside a custom control (.ascx) that I want to control the addition of one particular <asp:Panel> based on if it (or another panel) has a particular value or not. If not, I don't want the <asp:Panel> to be created (shouldn't generate the <div> at runtime). If yes, I want to generate the <asp:Panel> inside the


Example: Assuming we are getting Column2 value as expected, I want to render this value only if it's not '0', if not I don't want to CREATE the extra tag inside the given <ItemTemplate> . I will control when it's rendered based on another tag.

 //Adding some condition for Column1 ... 
  Create the `<div>` tag i.e Add the `<asp:Panel>` 

How should I call this code also?

That means, the html generated will have the additional div/span tags on some cases and should not have the tags generated on other cases. Can this be done avoiding Javascript.

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what framework? widget? etc? Where is the question anyhow? – Yanick Rochon Dec 10 '10 at 16:01
If this is asp.net, then the answer is yes. You may want to rephrase and expand on your question with some code to get a more useful answer. – Kendrick Dec 10 '10 at 16:09

One could use the <asp:PlaceHolder> control to place the control at a certain place in the .ascx, say: <asp:PlaceHolder id="placeHere" runat="server /> and determine based on the other control whether this should be added. Example:

If(Column1 condition)
  Label addToGrid = new Label();
  addToGrid.Text = column1;
  addToGrid.Visible = true; 
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