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I wrote a script to find the expiry dates of SSL cert in a directory.

shopt -s nullglob
for f in *.0 *.pem *.key *.crt; do
    echo "## CERTIFICATE NAME -> $f ##"
     openssl x509 -noout -in $f   -issuer -subject -dates  
    echo ""

Are there any improvements on this?

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You shouldn't consider .key files - private keys don't have any expiry dates. Also, depending on your convention, .crt files might be PKCS12 files, in which case you would have to unpack them first.

Not sure why .0 files show up - if they are symlinks, you really should be looking only at the files pointed to. If so, the criterion for selecting files really should be to look at all links, not all .0 files (since there may also be .1 files).

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