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given the element of a table found with getElementById, I need to get the body element and add a row to it. This failes in Chrome:

var tabBody = expressionTable.getElementsByTagName('TBODY')[0];

but works in IE.

How can I get the body in all browsers (ie 8, Chrome, FF, and Safari)?

The code looks like this: var expressionTable = document.getElementById(tableID); var tabBody = expressionTable.getElementsByTagName('tbody')[0]; var expressionRow = createExpressionRow(FieldTagsValue, row); tabBody.appendChild(expressionRow);

tabody is 'undefined'

I think it might be because the table starts empty, and Chrome does not have a tbody element for an empty table. Could that be it?

Thanks, Brian

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don't rely on anything working in IE - it might behave slightly non-standard. i would also advise not expecting tags You have not declared in Your HTML to be present in DOM.

i would try going with an explicit tbody tag if You do rely on it being present in DOM :


I know jQuery has some workarounds for handling tables (in IE) - so, unless You're patient to find out all the hacks Yourself, I would go with a library such as jQuery and add table elements like this :

$('#' + tableID).append(expressionRow);
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Thats what it was, its not present in Chrome. I did this but I like your solution too if (tabBody == undefined) { var tabBody = document.createElement("TBODY"); expressionTable.appendChild(tabBody); } –  BrianK Dec 10 '10 at 16:44
@BrianK right well as i said it all depends on how patient You're gonna be with making sure Your DOM code works correctly in all browsers ... :) –  kares Dec 10 '10 at 16:48

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