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I have tried executing the exact same SQL query on phpMyAdmin and the result returned 1 row of information (with 4 fields). However with mysql_query($sql,$this->DB_conn), PHP returns 0 row.

function getFTPInfo($cid) {
    $sql = 'SELECT, tableA.username, tableA.password, ftp_folders.folder 
            FROM (
                SELECT, ftp_accounts.username, ftp_accounts.password, users.cid
                FROM ftp_accounts
                INNER JOIN users
                ON ftp_accounts.ftp_id = users.ftp_id
                WHERE users.cid = "' .$cid. '"
            ) AS tableA
            INNER JOIN ftp_folders
            ON tableA.cid = ftp_folders.cid';
    $retQuery = mysql_query($sql,$this->DB_conn) or die('Invalid : ' . mysql_error($this->DB_conn) . '<br>');
    echo "mysql_query : " .$retQuery . "<br>";
    echo "Number of Fields: " . mysql_num_fields($retQuery) . "<br>";

    for($i=0; $i<4 ; $i++) {
        echo "Field Names $i: " . mysql_field_name($retQuery,$i) . "<br>";
    echo "Number of Rows: " . mysql_num_rows($retQuery) . "<br>";

    $ftpArray = mysql_fetch_array($retQuery);

    foreach($ftpArray as $v) {
        echo '<p>v: ' . $v . '</p>';

    return $ftpArray;

The result produced from the code is:

mysql_query : Resource id #6 Number of Fields: 4 Field Names 0: host Field Names 1: username Field Names 2: password Field Names 3: folder Number of Rows: 0

Why am I 0 row from my query ? Does PHP allow nested select query ? Also, I have tried


and the result showed that I have a DB connection established

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