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I have defined a -main function in a :gen-class :main true namespace in Clojure. I am trying to test it from the REPL.

My main function looks like this:

(defn -main [& args]
  ; ...

and I am trying to call it with (ns/-main "-x" "foo"), (ns/-main "-x foo"), (ns/-main ["-x" "foo"]), (ns/-main (into-array String ["-x" "foo"]), etc., and all give me various errors.

How do I call this function from the REPL and pass in some command line arguments to test it?


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I tried to reproduce it:

(defn -main [& args]
  (apply str args)

Then called like:

(-main "a" "b" "c")

And it evaluated to:


As it should..

Be sure to check are you using the right namespace identifier, also see if anything weird is happening inside your -main function, like using a string as a number..

Also, it wouldn't hurt to see your error message on this..

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Problem was a DUE (dumb user error). It's working now. Thanks. –  Ralph Dec 10 '10 at 22:00
@Ralf: Been there... done that.. :) –  Goran Jovic Dec 10 '10 at 22:05

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