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Usually i need to develop the mobile website for different platforms, like iphone 3 and 4, andriod, Blackberry torch etc.

I generally sliced images depending on the platform. My problem is, all the time i need to slice images for different devices to render good quality images. But i want to use only one set of images and want to cater to all devices with out impacting the image quality.

Please suggest if any one has a better solution for it.

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If you only want to use one set of images for all screen resolutions, then I suggest you read up on responsive web design and fluid images. There are ways to let your images stretch (and retract) with the screen resolutions that will offer a great experience for any resolution.

There is a great article by Ethan Marcotte on responsive web design here.

He also wrote an article specifically on fluid images here.

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You may want to consider http://tinysrc.net/

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