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I have a silverlight app that uses WCF both by polling Duplex and "normal" async calls. everything was working fine, until I added a global.asax file.

After an hour of googling, I came across this rather dated blog by Jean-Dirk Stuart that suggested commenting out the stubbed Session_start event.

Sure enough that corrected the problem, but it raises a concern. Why would this seemly benign member of the global.asax file break the wcf calls.

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Yeah, this is a little known but annoying issue. The problem comes down to session state being enabled once you add a global.asax file to your web project. Once session state is enabled, the server will only execute the calls sequentially. Here are two articles with some more in-depth information:

This behaviour only occurs when using the browser networking stack, so your options are:

  1. Disable session state in your web project, or
  2. Use the client networking stack

Hope this helps...


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Very interesting. I don't need session state, but I need to spool up a background thread to monitor an event queue and send messages to the SL clients via duplex. I had expected to use the Global.asax application_start event to get this done. Perhaps there's a better way? – Ralph Shillington Dec 11 '10 at 12:37

There are some types of binding which support accessing session data, I really dont see how it would affect unless WCF tries to hook into the session_start event just like a http module does. You could also use reflector to disassemble the code where you where getting the exception.

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That's the point, I think... if you add global.asax and/or set your WCF service to compatibility mode, wcf calls trigger session_start (etc) – Kir Jan 10 '12 at 15:46

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