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I have a portion of my view that is rendered via RenderAction calling a child action. How can I get the Parent controller and Action from inside this Child Action.

When I use..


I get back the name of the Child Action but what I need is the Parent/Calling action.


BTW I am using MVC 3 with Razor.

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And if you want to access this from within the child action itself (rather than the view) you can use

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Found it...


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If the partial is inside another partial, this won't work unless we find the top most parent view content. You can find it with this:

var parentActionViewContext = ViewContext.ParentActionViewContext;
while (parentActionViewContext.ParentActionViewContext != null)
    parentActionViewContext = parentActionViewContext.ParentActionViewContext;
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Use model binding to get the action name, controller name, or any other url values:

routes.MapRoute("City", "{citySlug}", new { controller = "home", action = "city" });

public PartialViewResult Navigation(string citySlug)
    var model = new NavigationModel()
        IsAuthenticated = _userService.IsAuthenticated(),
        Cities = _cityService.GetCities(),
        GigsWeBrought = _gigService.GetGigsWeBrought(citySlug),
        GigsWeWant = _gigService.GetGigsWeWant(citySlug)

    return PartialView(model);
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I had the same problem and came up with same solution as Carlos Martinez, except I turned it into an extension:

public static class ViewContextExtension
    public static ViewContext TopmostParent(this ViewContext context)
        ViewContext result = context;
        while (result.ParentActionViewContext != null)
            result = result.ParentActionViewContext;
        return result;

I hope this will help others who have the same problem.

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