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Im updating to rails 3 and experience the problem of writing the content of a array to a html view. If I just place the array like:

<%= array %>

It gets now outputed as:


with rails 2 it was just the content which got printed...

Any Ideas?


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<%= array.join ' ' %> 
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This is the solution I was looking for –  Markus Dec 10 '10 at 19:33

You can try using array#to_sentence method:

<%= array.to_sentence %>

Or just a join:

<%= array.join(", ") %>

Depends on how you want the output to look.

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If it's for debugging purposes, why not try:

<%= debug array %>

if you need to present the array in a specific way, you're better off iterating the array and presenting each element with a repeatable block or a partial.

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