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I am looking for sample applications or some articles showing how to implement a data access layer using NHibernate or Entity Framework 4.0. The application contains a lot of logic with DB, but I don't want to move this logic into stored procedures or "smudge" this logic between layers (BLL and DAL). I am looking for nice examples how it could be implemented in real life application.

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Entity Framework, or Enterprise Library (Entlib)? I suppose you meant the former? –  stakx Dec 10 '10 at 19:14

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture look at the repository


EF 4

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That's quite a big question, and there are lots of approaches, but this article gives a nice introduction to two patterns using NHibernate http://www.primaryobjects.com/CMS/Article119.aspx. There are also many articles available online that describe a more generic NHib repository approach.

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