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I am trying to get the entire raw header into a file but everytime I attempt to write the contents I get a file full of ÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ. What am I doing wrong?

DWORD CTryISAPIFilter::OnPreprocHeaders(CHttpFilterContext* httpContext,

    char buffer[4096];
    DWORD bufferSize = sizeof(buffer);

    BOOL HeaderBoolean = headerInformation->GetHeader(httpContext->m_pFC, "ALL_RAW", buffer, &bufferSize); 
    char * ptrIn = (char *) buffer;
    std::string postData2 = ptrIn;
    char * outputString = new char[4096];

    int i = 0;
        outputString[i] = postData2[i];
    outputString[i+1] = NULL;

    std::ofstream outfile ("D:\\WebSites\\wwwroot\\test.txt",std::ios::app);

    outfile << outputString << std::endl;

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You do realize that outputString[i+1] = NULL; results in a bit of buffer overrun, don't you? – Eugen Constantin Dinca Dec 10 '10 at 19:25
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Is headerInformation->GetHeader() returning success?

If so, how much is it actually writing into buffer (presumably it tells you this in a value it places in bufferSize)

I suspect that GetHeader() is failing, and nothing is being written to buffer because:

  • you're getting all "ÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ" characters (which is what the debug builds of VC will set uninitialized memory to), and
  • you're not getting an exception thrown when you index postData2 well past what should usually be the end of the string (in most cases anyway). So there's apparently no '\0' terminator in buffer (which GetHeader() will write if it succeeds).

You need to check for this failure and examine GetLastError() to get more information on what the failure is.

Update: Your buffer might not be large enough. See for how to appropriately size the buffer.

Update 2: It's been a while since I've done web stuff, but isn't "ALL_RAW" a CGI-style server environment variable rather than a header? Shouldn't you retrieve this using GetServerVariable() instead of GetHeader()?

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So I think you are right, based on the MS Documentation the data may not be available at the time I am trying to pull it. I am able to pull say URL variable though. I will try GetServerVariables but I don't think I will have much luck. Thanks anyways. – Al Katawazi Dec 10 '10 at 20:08

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